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Gallivant is a travel app designed to help you filter through the masses of sights and cities so that you can focus on what you’re actually interested in. Planning a trip abroad can be overwhelming, especially with so much to see and do. Gallivant streamlines the planning process and serves as a valuable reference once you're there. [What It Does] • Plan trips to England and France (more countries coming soon!) • Create itineraries based on your personal interests and travel pace • Take notes about attractions to use as a reference while planning and traveling • Save time! No need to research hundreds of places to find the ones that interest you All of the data within Gallivant has been hand-curated by us; we do not use any third-party information! We have spent many hours making sure this data is of good quality and we are confident the itineraries generated are the best they can be. [What It Doesn't Do] Gallivant will give you a great start, but you'll need to figure out the logistics. Our core goal is to find the best places for you to visit on your trip. Because of that, Gallivant does not provide information about modes of transportation or the optimal order in which to visit the provided locations. Instead, we present the locations sorted by how well they match your interests (so you can easily tell what YOUR must-see destinations are likely to be). [About Us] We're a family of travelers who enjoy seeing the sights, tasting new foods, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. Traveling broadens your horizons and creates memories that will last forever. We wanted to make traveling more accessible to those who are interested, but a bit hesitant to take the leap or lack the free time to spend hours doing preliminary research. We undertook Gallivant as a project to fulfill that desire to help others travel. We chose Europe because it's a common destination that's accessible to less-experienced international travelers (and it's a region we know a good deal about!). The data that we've put into Gallivant comes from our personal experiences. We have studied, lived, and traveled all over Europe. Everything you see in Gallivant is a compilation of the information we gathered on those trips. We have worked on Gallivant for several years now and are excited to finally see it released!