Prison Life RPG
Top 1 Paid App, Overall Games, RPG and Simulation in France, Taiwan and Hong Kong App Store! Touch Arcade forums' Game of the Week! Over 66,000 copies sold across all platform, with over 200,000 players! ----------------------------------------- "with that many features, and its replayability value, it's hard to put down the game once you've started playing." - modernjamming "This game has no IAP of any kind and the replay value is huge." - idownloadblog "Huge game with a lot of content, Solid RPG with survival like timetables" - indie-love "Prison Life RPG is surprisingly deep." - Pocket Gamer "There is so much going on in this game that only paying $3.99 feels like a crime. " iOS App of the Week - iPhoneFAQ ----------------------------------------- Dear prisoners, this is Warden speaking. Welcome to the Prison, where you are SENTENCED to play! Can you survive the harsh prison life? Can you escape before your execution? ****NO ADS AND IAP ALLOWED**** Prison Life RPG is a premium game with no ads or in-app purchases. Hurray! PRISON BROCHURE Prison Life is a Roguelike+Survival+Simulation+Role-Playing game that places you behind bars. To survive the punishment of the penitentiary system, you’ll need to stay healthy and fit, gain allies, eliminate enemies, bribe the guards, bet in illegal boxing matches, and more while pushing for parole or planning an escape. PRISON CAPACITY With more than 100 prisoners to interact with, you'll never feel bored! You can play as any one of the 100 prisoners! PRISONER ACTIVITIES Watch TV, call your grandma, learn skills, craft items, get bullied, wash toilet, flirt with the pretty Doctor in Sick Bay, bribe the guards or just idle around! SOCIAL RELATION Make friends and join gangs to increase your defense, fighting, and, of course, escape power. Be careful though, prisoners your offended will beat you up or even kill you! PLOT YOUR ESCAPE There are many ways to break out of prison. You just need to collect the proper tools and talent to pull off the perfect plan! PRISON FEATURES: ◆100 prisoners to play as, each with his own Personal Goal/Mission ◆18 skills to learn and master ◆4 gangs to join and climb up the ranks ◆Recruit up to 7 inmates in your escape plan ◆80+ items to collect or craft ◆126 nicknames/achievements to earn ◆20+ different jobs ◆Different ways to escape from prison ◆You will die plenty of times ROAD TO FREEDOM Behave and get released? Arrange early parole with lawyer? Suicide? Break out from prison with an escape team? Become the Gang leader? Executed? The choice is yours, prisoner. ABOUT THE PRISON Took more than a year to construct, the warden guarantees that this prison is deep, challenging and will lock you up for hours! SOLITARY CONFINEMENT Download this game now or I'll send you to the hole! Lights out! Warden Follow the Warden on twitter: Discuss prison life and more reviews in Toucharcade: GAME REVIEWS FantaBobGames: Let's Play Prison Life RPG youtube series in French modern jamming: Detailed review + Tips and Tricks idownloadblog: Survive, escape, or die in prison Indie Love: The Role Playing Prison Game You Never Knew You Wanted iPhonefaq: iOS App of the Week: Prison Life RPG MY PART TIME SPACE: Prison Life RPG iOS Game Review
The application Resafit will let you to book any facility of your favourite sport club (Just available in sport clubs who use our software to manage their facilities). You will be able to join any of the activities offered by the sport club. All this at your fingertips from your smartphone and in just a few taps. With this app you will be able to: - Book the sport club facilities. - Join any activity or course. - Pay directly from your smartphone by card, credit, voucher... - Check the sport centre information and location. - Available in several languages.
Earth Day Stickers Pack
40 Earth Stickers for Earth Day 2017! Download and enjoy!
ロング - 本当に挑戦クレイジースネークウォーズゲーム中国風
新しい黒の静脈ゲームを検索:ロング.IO Guofengはよりハンサム。 無制限のスプリントは、本当にやりがい、アンカーは、一般的に簡単にライブこのゲームから抜け出すされていません。傷つけるため。 あなたの目標は?自分が長くなって、ますますなってみましょう。他に手立てをしてみましょうありません。 もちろん効果は、ヘビのいずれかの可能性が瞬時にああ、竜になっていません。 あなたの頭を保護し、他の蛇の体に触れないでください。
This is my version 1.0 "A319 LOADSHEET TRIM and BALANCE. This app was created for educational and training purpose only. Was not created to replace a certified calculation system of weight and balance. The aircraft used is Airbus A319 with 144 pax capacity with a four zone passengers layout. It can be installed from Iphone 4s to Ipad Pro, and needs IOS 9.0 or above.
Smashy Horse Survival Run
Do you like Horse riding?? Or did you ever ride a horse in deep, dark and twisted jungle under the shadow of green trees??? If not then don’t worry we are giving you an opportunity to accomplish your desire by amazing Horse Run Simulator. The Jockey Horse Run Simulator game is full with breathtaking paths, miraculous scenes ,stimulating the consciousness and arousing the emotions to move forward, go ahead meet your target and find victory. Horse Run 2017 is an electrifying trip enriched with hurdles, path barriers and hindrances which stop the horse from running fast and push it back. The horse has to cross the obstacles without touching its hoof, hock, elbow and any other part of the body also collect jewels, pearls and diamonds which are spread on the way. A slight touch of its body will make you failure and you have to restart the game. The formation of the Super Horse Jumping Race made it very realistic and it seems that you are riding in dark jungle with your own horse in real life. The location of forest with rocky track and sound of wild animals put this game app in the favorite list of games. The difficult running path force the man to show full attention, use your brain with smashy horse run survival and play with tactics. Jockey Jumping Horse 2017 is for entertainment and time surfing where you spend your time more accurately with fun. Games level are interconnected with each other when you complete one level it ultimately unlock the up coming level secondly the complications of the game will increase with the advancement in level. Features: • Smooth and non stop Graphics • Real life environment with all other accessories of the location. • Captivate player’s attention and hold his interest. • Easy to install and convenient to play • Enjoyable moments • Enslave the person who play it very first time. • Wonderful animation, the moving characters displaying it much more realistic. • Interlinked games level, the end of the previous level open the door of next one. • Levels of difficulty, moving from easy to tough. • Latest version of Horse race game • Motivate man to play more without give a sense of fatigue. • Give experience how to ride in real situation by make player aware with inns and outs of riding. • Exciting playback sound system. How to play: Tilt for left and Right Swipe left or right for turn There are two controls (arrows and swipe) Choose what ease you For more queries you may contact through email: Like us on Facebook:
Mother Love - Animated Stickers
Beautiful set of 18 animated stickers, show your love to your mother with these quotes.
Cosmic Sling
Simple. Challenging. Perplexing. Cosmic Sling is simply the most challenging physics-based puzzle game in the universe. It takes the flick of a finger to play but the mind of a master to solve. Are you up for the challenge?
BOZO Stickers & Emoji Keyboard By ChatStick
This is the official mobile iMessage Sticker & Keyboard app of BOZO Character. You can download the stickers to support the creator. Ready with the Boo chain, many funny characters. With iMessage stickers you can send as many cute stickers as you like. DOWNLOAD MORE FREE STICKERS HERE!! Purchase BOZO Emojis and get over 40 emojis to text friends. This app is two emoji apps in one - a keyboard app for quick access when texting and a full app for sharing to social networks & Native iMessage Sticker App. Keep the excitement by adding digital stickers to all of your messages! ##The main features of this app is iMessage Stickers but if you need to use our Emojis Keyboard please provide the below step## • Install the keyboard to copy-paste emoji into messaging apps such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, GroupMe, and Google Hangouts. The easy-to-use keyboard even remembers your most-used sticker app. • Emojis’s digital stickers can be received and viewed by anyone. Illustrations are high resolution and look great no matter where you share them. You can even post them to social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. A NOTE ABOUT ALL ACCESS: Privacy is our top priority. Emojis does not collect any personal identifying information or transmit anything you type. Turning on “Allow Full Access” gives the Keyboard permission to copy and paste the emoji images.
South Oaks Baptist Church - TX
Connect and engage with our community through the South Oaks Baptist Church app! Download our app to learn more about us, or give a donation conveniently. South Oaks Baptist Church exists to love God, love people, and lead all people to experience God's love.
Sunglasses EVO
Try on real sunglasses in real time using your iphone's camera. Now it's easier to find sunglasses you love by just using your iPhone camera. Choose your favorite sunglasses and share it with friends. Try now the best glasses photo montage maker. -TWO CAMERA MODES 1.Automatic Position 2.Self-Positioning -FULL HD Capture high definition photos -REAL SUNGLASSES Many different cool sunglasses
Diabetes Connections
Get all the latest episodes of Diabetes Connections, a weekly podcast that educates and inspires about type 1 diabetes. Produced & hosted by long-time broadcaster and diabetes mom Stacey Simms, Diabetes Connections features prominent diabetes advocates, authors and speakers and includes personal stories of connection from people with diabetes and their friends and family. Diabetes Connections focuses mostly on type 1 diabetes but features interviews and information on all types of diabetes. Stacey hopes to guide and encourage listeners to find their own local real-life diabetes connections. Stacey’s son has lived with type 1 diabetes since 2006 and she's been blogging about her family's experience with diabetes ever since. She is an award-winning radio news host and TV anchor/reporter with more than 20 years of broadcast news experience. This app will help you quickly star episodes and save them to a list so you can easily enjoy them over and over! This app has a car mode too! Rotate your phone to display larger playback controls. It is the best and most convenient way to access Diabetes Connections. If you're a fan of the show you won't want to be without it! This app contains the following features: * Car mode,rotate your phone to display larger playback controls * Streaming access to play episodes from anywhere * Always updated with the latest episodes- and an archived back catalog * Playback resume (when interrupted by a call or other distraction) * Quick access to all the contact methods for the show like call, email, web, Facebook, and Twitter * Playback controls like continuous play, Speed 1x, Repeat Off, and Sleep Timer Thank you for selecting this app and supporting the show!
你只需要在合适的时机点击屏幕,让黄点跳跃到另一个圆圈。保持冷静,别撞到墙壁或者障碍物,就可以过关! 听起来简单吧?但是要掌握好节奏就很有挑战性了! 一旦掌握了节奏,你会发现自己竟然能在看似不可能的关卡中安然无恙地通过,这种感觉非常美妙! 能坚持35秒吗?那会是一个全新的世界! 特色: -简单好玩,打发时间必备的游戏 -美妙的音乐与设计 -快速重玩,绝对上瘾! -与好友炫耀你的新得分
Dreampath: Curse of the Swamps HD (Full) - Hidden
Pay once, play forever! No in-app purchases!

Princess Daniela was used to receiving unusual presents at her birthday parties, but when she put on a beautiful butterfly necklace from an unknown guest, she realized this was no gift at all. It was a terrible curse! A strange rain began to fall, and all of the people started transforming into frogs. You’re the only hope for saving the entire kingdom from this deadly plague!

The only cure for this mysterious sickness lies far into the marshy bogs outside the kingdom. There’s no telling what’s lurking in the shadows, so travel with care.

Search for this mystic through a swampy land full of soggy hidden object scenes.

Dax the miniature dragon will assist you in solving stunning puzzles and magical mini-games.

Embark on a new adventure and enjoy additional Collector’s Edition exclusives including collectible Creatures, morphing objects, and more!

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Vegan Nice Cream Recipes
50+ vegan recipes for healthy, dairy-free ice cream, aka nice cream! -Choose from a variety of fruity, chocolate-y or gourmet ice creams! -Ingredient list & directions for each recipe! -Shopping list to make those hard-to-remember ingredients easier to buy. -Favorite recipes you want to make for easy access. This app contains IAP.
Кто Хочет Стать Миллиардером? - анимированная PRO
++++ Более 15.000 вопросов в этой версии. ++++ ВЕРСИЯ БЕЗ РЕКЛАМЫ Викторина для iPhone & iPad. Для того, чтобы выиграть главный приз, т.е. миллионы игровых рублей, необходимо правильно ответить на 15 вопросов из различных областей знаний на сложном уровне игры. ******* Особенности нашей игры ******* 0. Количество вопросов - около 10.000 ( первые версии и постоянные обновления от Community. Спасибо вам за такую активность.) 1. HD Screens and iPhone5 ready 2. Игрушечный Альберт Эйнштейн с цитатами крылатых фраз из знаменитых фильмов и произведений литературы 3. «Несгораемая» сумма (после 5-ого и 10-ого вопроса) 4. Три уровня сложности игры 5. Музыкальное сопровождение 6. Игра с таймером различной длительности или возможность игры без таймера 7. Игровой денежный банк для азартных соревнований с друзьями 8. Весело анимированные подсказки ответов ( статистика ) 9. Игра на телевизоре с компанией друзей (Apple TV) 10. Управление скоростью анимациями 11. Возможность переслать нам Ваши вопросы для викторины (мы включим их в следующую версию ) 12. Возможность указать на неверный вопрос. Мы проверим Ваш запрос и изменим содержание в следующей версии. 13. Игру можно теперь ставить на паузу 14. Если Вы не уверенны в правильности ответа, то можете забрать игровые деньги 15. Можно играть разными игроками, соревнуясь в достижениях ... и многое ещё. +++ пример вопросов средней сложности +++ Что гоняют по игровому полю футболисты?#@Мячь#@Шайбу#@Ядро#@Судью#@ Как можно охарактеризовать голос Федора Шаляпина? #Сопрано#Тенор#Баритон#Бас# Город, который находится не в Индии? #Бенгалуру#Дели#Карачи#Джайпур# ******* ENGLISH DESCRIPTION ******* iPhone and iPod game with standard multiple choice questions. In order to win the grand prize of millions game rubles, you must correctly answer 15 questions from various fields of expertise on the highest level of the game.
Have you ever played formula on a paper with your own custom map editor ? Now you can ! Play it on your Android, create your own Tracks and play them with your friends with up to 4 players multiplayer. * 1-4 players or against computer * Track editor (in full version) * stylized graphics * simple controls Please, before you post a bad review, that you encountered a BUG contact me at and try to describe the problem. I will try to resolve the problems. 你有没有打在一张纸上公式与自己的自定义地图编辑器?现在你可以! 发挥它在你的Andr​​oid,创建你自己的曲目,并与您的朋友玩,最多4个玩家的多人。 * 1-4个球员或对计算机 *轨道编辑器(完整版) *风格化的图形 *简单的控制 请在您发表的差评,你遇到一个BUG,请联系我在info@taurris.com和尝试来描述问题。我会尽力解决问题。
Jessica Jung Games
Jessica Jung is a member of SNSD, the lead singer position as the second. Real name is Jung Su-yeon and was born on April 18, 1989 in San Francisco, California. Apart from being a singer, Jessica is also a dancer actress and model. Note: This is Unofficial Games. This is Fans Games that create by inspiring with Jessica Jung 杰西卡·荣格是少女时代的主唱位置,作为第二成员。真正的名字是郑苏妍和出生于1989年4月18日在加利福尼亚州旧金山。除了是一名歌手,杰西卡也是一名舞蹈演员女演员和模型。 注:这是非官方的游戏。这是通过创建与杰西卡荣格鼓舞球迷游戏
尽可能跳,但不要碰壁! 尝试这个游戏现在爬到顶端1排行榜!