Crash Simulator 2 Premium Edition
Premium Edition without ads! Ever wanted to see what happens when your car crashes? Then Crash Simulator 2 Premium Edition is the game for you. If you are looking for ultra realistic crashes then this game is closest to them you can find on the play store. Features Big Environment with car destructive props Realistic Drift of the car using the hand brake Realistic Car physics with destructible cars Car body parts like passenger compartment, the trunk, the bumpers, the fenders, the radiator grill, the hood, interior trim, glass, four doors, hardtop and more than 200 body parts are destructible. On main engine damage the car crash and burns. You can crash drive the auto even if major component of the cars are damaged.
An Extreme Car Fury PRO : Increased Speed
Let's go and Ride your super Car on the super challenge. Get Miles of extreme speed adrenaline.

Speed junkies, slap on your helmet and experience some high-octane action! Zoom down the open highway and try to pass closely without crashing. Be stupidly irresponsible by breaking all your bones.

========> INSTRUCTIONS <==========
- Tilt to Steer your car
- Drive Close to cars to Score
- Embrace the high Speeds!
- Tap the screen and let the turbo 3x your speed

Being daring and passing close to cars increases your speed and your score. Be careful with your maneuvering though, crashing hurts! Earn achievements by doing bodily harm, and then collect pictures of your crushing accidents.

Pro version you will discover another highway!!!!!!!

Dear Customer!

Thanks for your comments.
If you have wonderful ideas for this game, please write about in the comments.
We will do our best add them and pretty cool new features in our next updates.
Start your adventure today!
RPG ティアーズレヴォリュード
『人を愛した芸術家』『結晶を身にまとった魔物』 そして『記憶の無い少女』は何を願う- 3Dのマップ描写で贈る、王道コマンドRPG! ■ストーリー 100年前に存在した、希代の芸術家、オーウェイル。 彼の遺作を探し求め、シオンとミシェルは旅をする。 そして2人は記憶を持たない少女リアラと出会う。 彼女の抱えるものは、彼らの行く道を、運命を、揺るがしてゆく…… ■3Dマップ描画を用いた王道コマンドRPG! 3Dで描かれるダンジョンで、新たな冒険が始まる! オーソドックスなコマンド戦闘を採用した、 見やすく、遊びやすい、王道のコマンドRPGです。 ■迫力の戦闘アニメーション! 高精細で描かれる敵となめらかなモーション、 そして画面いっぱいに現れるエフェクトで 迫力の戦闘をお送りいたします! ■武器を強化してスキル習得、スキルを使い込んで威力アップ 街にある鍛冶屋で武器を強化する事で、新たなスキルを習得できます。 スキルは1人5種まで習得しますが、それらのスキルは使い込むことで 攻撃範囲、威力が変化していきます。 どんどん使い込んで大ダメージを狙いましょう。 ■SPを溜めて必殺技を放て! 戦闘中に溜まったSPゲージを消費して必殺技を放とう! ゲージは4段階まで溜めることができ、 ゲージを一気に消費する事で仲間と連携し、 より強力な一撃を繰り出すことが可能です。 ◆◇基本システム情報◇◆ ・難易度選択:可(イージー、ノーマル、ハード、カオティック) ・キャラクター名変更:可能 ・戦闘、パートボイス:有 ・セーブスロット数:3 ・追加課金:有 ※追加課金なしで物語の最後までお楽しみ頂けます ※初回起動時に追加データをダウンロードする通信が発生します 攻略・情報交換は【KEMCO攻略広場】で! ユーザー同士のお助け投稿サイト! タイトル画面の「攻略広場」からもアクセスできます。 ================ 対応機種: iOS8.0以降のiPhone4S及びiPad 3、iPod touch第5世代以上の端末で動作します。 iPhone4及びiPad第1世代、iPod touch第4世代では動作しません。 また、iOS7以降のゲームコントローラーに対応しています。 ================
Solitaire Adventure: The Resurrection of Faneruel
*** A distinctive Tri-Peaks like solitaire game with hours of game play *** Take on the task assigned by Eloriel, the Wise. The Ancient Tablets of Blessings are lost in the ruins of Faneruel Clear the card formations by making the right choices and the longest chains to restore the tablets back to power. Enjoy a distinctive game of solitaire where there are cursed cards to capture and magic wands to help. Features ** Hours of gameplay ** Solitaire with a challenge ** 40 unique level designs ** Gorgeous art
Animated Cute Children Stickers
Animated Cute Children Stickers How to use stickers: -Tap a sticker to add it to your message thread -Drag a sticker into the message thread to place it on another sticker, a photo or just anywhere you want. -Scale and Rotate stickers by using a second finger before you place them in the text bubble
Cat Quest
Leap into a grand adventure of dragons, magic and cats in purr-suit of the evil Drakoth and your catnapped sister! Explore Felingard's huge overworld map, risk life and limb delving into dungeons for epic loot, and lend a paw to a furry cast of characters in a flurry of side quests. "Tokyo Game Show 2016 Indie Showcase" "Unite 2016 Showcase" "Casual Connect 2017 Indie Prize Showcase" "Casual Connect 2017 Best Mobile Game Finalist" "Combat in Cat Quest occurs entirely in real-time, and is brilliant in its simplicity." - Kotaku "A PURR-FECT WAY TO SPEND SOME TIME" - Gamespew Features - Pawsome real time combat! Oh so juicy combat! - A huge open world filled with over 15 hours of furry content! - Over 60 side quests! - Over 60 dungeons and caves filled with purrfect loot! - Loot? Yes we have a ton of loot! All cat certified too! - Gorgeous graphics that accentuate the cuteness of cats! - An engrossing story about loss, betrayal, adventure, victory and...cats! - Game Center Achievements to scratch your trophy highs! - Supports Metal for faster purr-formance! What are you waiting for? Download now! A Catventure awaits!
A toy quadrocopter control by wifi with video transfer real time. Support iOS 7 ,iOS 8, iOS 9,iOS 10,iPhone 5 ,iPhone 5c,iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus,iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus.
Me to You Mother's Day
Making Mums and Grannies feel extra special and bringing a smile to their faces! Send a loved one, heart-felt and cute Me to You Tatty Teddy iMessage stickers, to let them know that they hold a special place in your heart! The tips on installing this sticker app: - Open your iMessage, select the contact you want to send stickers - Tap the App Store icon alongside the compose field - Tap the icon on the lower left corner which calls the app drawer - Tap «+» to access the App Store for iMessage - Go to «Manage», turn on «Me to You» To use a sticker within a conversation you can tap to send or hold them to place on top of bubbles, photos, other stickers. Please, remember that iPhone and iPad users running iOS 10 and Apple Watch users running watchOS 3 can send stickers. Download this app and share your feelings with Me to You stickers! More Me to You stickers are coming soon!
Fun Penguin Frozen Ice Racing Game For Girls Boys And Teens By Cool Games FREE
+++COOLEST PENGUIN GAME EVER!!!!+++ Slip, slide, and jump your way through this frozen game! 1) Exciting Game Play! 2) Collect Coins and Power-ups! 3) Choose from 4 Super Cool Penguins!! Do you have what it takes to beat this game? Slide on the ice and dodge obstacles as your penguin races through the cold!!! "I love this penguin game!!!" -Kristy from Utah -Never-ending game play -Starts easy but becomes more and more challenging Download now to let the fun begin!!!
汽车逃脱游戏是一款以逃脱为素材的冒险类游戏。游戏的目的很简单,你需要找到逃出汽车的方法。细心观察,得到暗示,寻找隐藏道具,探索逃离的方法,最终逃离汽车。 游戏特点: -包含超多的有趣谜题 -3D建模的逼真场景 -简易精致的操作方式 -采用高清素材,画面效果惊艳 -提供完备的提示 欢迎各种合作,我们的联系方式:
A Baseball Runner
The baseball player runs at full speed through the labyrinth, must collect as many balls as possible without hitting the obstacles. Move the player with your finger, forward and backward or forward and down. Download it now.
有多少人还记得十八岁的那个寒假,自己在做些什么?估计是拼命的做卷子以应付高考的多(笑)。 相比之下日本人在这个年纪可以做的选择要多些,普通大学,短大,工作,打工甚至待业都可以,但压力并不比我们来得小。我们游手好闲的主角在利用这短短两个星期之内搞定MM之外,顺便也就把未来的方向决定了,王子和公主从此幸福的生活在一起,可见其潜力之惊人——男人的理想无非是运气和能力的完美结合,而这在我们的主角身上得到最佳的注解。 👧 人物介绍: 呜泽·美佐子(?岁 血型 O),是 唯 的亲生母亲,对主角而言也是近似母亲的存在,十年来一人独力经营着咖啡店《憩》,非常喜欢忙碌的女性。 呜泽·唯(18岁 血型 O),八岁起就和主角住在同一个屋檐下,对学校里的男生从不表示兴趣,经常为主角的事情操心 水野·友美(18岁 血型 A),八十八学园的同级生,住在主角家隔壁,也是青梅竹马,喜欢读书和花卉,是校内有名的才女。 片桐·美铃(25岁 血型 A),八十八学园公认的美人教师,是主角的导师,能够温柔、理智地了解学生,加上出众的美貌,自然成为男生们仰慕的对象。 田中·美沙(20岁 血型 B),体育大学二年级生,趁着寒假到八十八町的朋友家来玩。 安田·爱美(21岁 血型 O),八十八町「花园保育园」的保母,由于过去令人不愉快的回忆,对男性抱着相当强烈的猜疑心 杉木·樱子(18岁 血型 AB),因为体弱多病,她一直在市民医院住院。对她而言,最大的娱乐,也就是从医院的窗子向外看看而已。 舞岛·可怜(18岁 血型 A),八十八学园的同级生,八岁时进入演艺圈,目前是人气 No.1 的偶像歌手,由于工作相当忙碌,很少到学校来。 都叶·梢江(16岁 血型 B),八十八学园的一年级生,也就是主角的学妹。从以前就对主角很有兴趣,是个个性有点奇怪的女孩子。 加藤·美纪(18岁 血型 AB),八十八学园的同级生,不止是主角,连和其他学生也很少交谈的女孩子,经常戴着厚重的眼镜,谁也没看过她的真面目。 南川·洋子(18岁 血型 O),八十八学园最粗暴的女孩,与主角从一年级时起就经常吵架,非常喜欢摩托车,家里也经营着机车行。 筱原·泉美(18岁 血型 A),八十八学园的同级生,由于说话口气像男孩子,连主角也把她当成男性友人来看待,射箭部社长,也是 原重工的社长千金。 永岛·久美子(15岁 血型 O),主角去温泉旅游时所住的旅馆的老板娘的女儿。不想继承母亲的温泉旅馆,向往新的、刺激的生活。 永岛·佐知子(? 岁 血型 O),久美子的母亲,温泉的老板娘。十分关心自己的女儿,生怕她学坏。 野野村·美里(21岁 血型 B),「入梅兴业」的导游小姐,性格开朗,一直以自己的工作为傲。 这是一款休闲游戏,包含一种比较新颖的玩法,而这种玩法会让人很快上瘾而乐在其中,相信你也会喜欢。同时为了增加游戏的可玩性,我们设置了15名漫画女性角色,并提供了相应的精美CG,依次满足不少漫画迷的喜爱。 怎么玩: 1 在人物列表中选择一位角色,进入该角色CG列表。 2 在已解锁的CG中选择“挑战”即可开始相应的关卡挑战。 3 关卡挑战异常简单,只要手指在手机屏幕上滑动,不碰到屏幕上移动的小人,就可划出相应的区域,展露出下层CG的对应部分,提高该CG的完成度。 4 在关卡时间到时,根据CG完成度获得相应的星级评分,当超过一星即可解锁下关CG的挑战权,当达到三星,即可列表CG可显 就这么简单,还等什么,快呼朋唤友一起来玩吧。
Zajedno prema zdravlju
Kako bi Vam osigurali što kvalitetniji i zabavniji boravak u Splitu za vrijeme simpozija Zajedno prema zdravlju, PLIVA je pripremila aplikaciju kojom hodajući po zadanim točkama u Splitu dolazite do informacija iz medicinskog slučaja
杨家将传奇是一款考验玩家策略的角色扮演策略战棋游戏,玩家将扮演杨家英雄保家卫国对抗辽军。当时,杨家豪杰令辽兵闻风丧胆,然而奸臣当道,潘仁美欲置杨家英雄美女死地而后快,于是凶险非常,一场场血战展开了。 任何时代都需要英雄,欢迎英雄勇敢挑战! 杨家将传奇游戏的特点 ●玩的是策略 阵容搭配多样选择,五子良将,英雄配美女,没有最佳阵容,只有更强搭配! ● 玩的是心跳 看似必胜的袭击是否暗藏埋伏? 奸臣当道,各种险象环生英雄无畏! ● 玩的是谋略 曾经是共同御敌的盟友,现在是联合反叛的敌手,英雄在战场中体现谋略,拼武将更拼头脑。 ●玩的是创意 一千个玩家就有一千种玩法,脱掉装备裸奔战场更显英雄霸气! ● 玩的是耐心 更多英雄等你培养,上百道具武器宝物等你收集 更多英雄秘籍,玩家反馈,欢迎加入: QQ群“战棋策略游戏”:304590987 微信:tongrengame 我们会根据玩家的反馈,不断加强和改进游戏的品质,并推出最新的游戏内容,感谢玩家对同人游戏一如既往的支持和热爱!
Scat Tools Premium
A Scattergories die and timer with three settings. Includes huge lists of categories! Free and easy to use, this should be all you need to play the game Scattergories. Paid Ad Free Version If you like this app or find it useful please take the time to review it! Scat On!
Orange Kitten!
> Discount of 50% only TODAY! > The most complete love stickers pack of the App Store! > More than 30+ stickers and gifs for iMessage! > Download sticker pack and enjoy to send them to your friends! >>>>>Download Now>>>>>
Jookgru Hib สติกเกอร์ และ คีย์บอร์ด โดย ChatStick
นี่คือสติกเกอร์และคีย์บอร์ดอย่างเป็นทางการของตัวการ์ตูน จากเพจชื่อดัง Jook gru Family ที่มีคน Likes กว่า 194,000 Likes ซึ่งวางขายใน iMessage ท่านสามารถดาวน์โหลดสติกเกอร์และสนับสนุนครีเอเตอร์ในดวงใจได้โดยตรงที่นี่ Hib girl will make you enjoy with chat Facebook Fan page : Jook gru Family ดาวโหลดสติกเกอร์ฟรี มากมายได้ที่ Purchase Jookgru Hib Emojis and get over 30 emojis to text friends. This app is two emoji apps in one - a keyboard app for quick access when texting and a full app for sharing to social networks & Native iMessage Sticker App. Keep the excitement by adding digital stickers to all of your messages! ##The main features of this app is iMessage Stickers but if you need to use our Emojis Keyboard please provide the below step## • Install the keyboard to copy-paste emoji into messaging apps such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, GroupMe, and Google Hangouts. The easy-to-use keyboard even remembers your most-used sticker app. • Emojis’s digital stickers can be received and viewed by anyone. Illustrations are high resolution and look great no matter where you share them. You can even post them to social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. A NOTE ABOUT ALL ACCESS: Privacy is our top priority. Emojis does not collect any personal identifying information or transmit anything you type. Turning on “Allow Full Access” gives the Keyboard permission to copy and paste the emoji images.
具有3种游戏模式的俄罗斯方块! 1. 经典模式为传统的玩法,共有25个关卡,关卡越高方块下落的速度越快; 2. 闯关模式在传统玩法的基础上为玩家设定了一个行数目标,有的关卡还有预先设置的一些障碍方块,以增加玩家的挑战欲望; 3. 解密模式让玩家选择要使用的方块的顺序,玩家通过让方块放置在特定的位置来消除屏幕上的所有方块,让玩家体会到思考的乐趣。 游戏方法: 1. 左移方块:单击“左移”按钮或者向左滑动屏幕; 2. 右移方块:单击“右移”按钮或者向右滑动屏幕; 3. 旋转方块:单击“旋转”按钮或者单击屏幕; 4. 快速下落:单击“下落”按钮或者向下滑动屏幕。